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I have created a platform that will help you innovate and transform your life. This platform utilizes some of today's latest trends & technologies and then we weave those trends together with good old-fashioned principle centered development. Our company's future plan is to work in Affiliate marketing segment & AI Technology.
Affiliate marketing is an extremely powerful method of making money. People are making lakhs of rupees every month in passive income using this amazing method. Affiliate marketing is different from other methods of income because it lets you make money while you sleep.
Affiliate marketing is very effective at driving online sales. Today it fuels approximately 15% to 20% of total online sales.
Recently, IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) has reported that the affiliate marketing industry in India would cross the $835 million mark by the year 2025.
Thousands of people have become lakhpatis and even crorepatis in India with affiliate marketing alone. It’s your turn now.

Cashmora's Core Values
Education || Empowerment || Enrichment
Accessing the right information allowing you to start thinking & doing things in a right way that works best for you.
we empower & discover the power to control your life that will give you the confidence to go after the lifestyle you want
we enrich you to explore all the different ways you can start generating and diversifying your financial life.
In a very simple word we want to use and utilize Latest digital technologies and power of multi label marketing to grow peoples network where they can earn regular passive income lifelong.

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